carbon steel plate,steel coil,stainless steel plate,china export service provider.

carbon steel plate,steel coil,stainless steel plate,china export service provider


carbon steel plate,steel coil,stainless steel plate,china export service provider.

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Quality Assurance

We strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system for on-site management, has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, CE, AAA-level credit rating certification, etc. Our products have been inspected and approved by SGS, BV, MOODY, TUBOSCOPE and other international authoritative third-party organizations 

1.Raw material inspection: dimension and tolerance check, appearance quality check, mechanical properties testing, weight check and raw materials quality assurance certificate check

2.Semi-finished goods inspection: physical and chemical inspection, leakage magnetism and ultrasonic inspection

3.Finished goods inspection: dimension and tolerance, appearance quality check and mechanical properties testing

4.Inspection before ex-factory: We arrange our QC staff to manufacture’s plant for final quality and packing inspection each time before we deliver goods to port for shipping, and the connected sales staff will be with QC staff to make sure we did everything fully and strictly meet our customers’ requirements.


Steel products are packaged in different ways depending on size, length, material, appearance, etc.Our professional quality department packing products according to the customer"s requirements and the actual situation of the goods to ensure goods not to be damaged during transportation, loading and unloading.

Wooden Shelter
Fumigation-free wooden shelters are also used to meet the requirements for export. It is generally used for the packaging of larger size items, such as pipe fittings, steel plates, etc.

Wooden Case

Fumigation-free wooden crates are treated by fumigation and other methods to prevent insects and mildew to meet the requirements of export. Generally customized size according to the size of the goods, mostly used for the shipment of special materials accessories.

Woven Bag Packaging

Generally used for special materials, spray polished surface of steel products, used to protect the surface of items not easy to scratch.

Plastic Film Wrap

Used to protect the surface of goods from external pollution, generally used for spraying anti-corrosion pipe and fire fighting, drinking water fittings.


Warehousing is a comprehensive place that concentrates on reflecting the status of factory material activities, and is a transit station that connects production, supply and sales, and plays an important supporting role in promoting production efficiency.

1.Transportation consolidation

To reduce the cost of raw materials, we consolidate less-than-truckload (TCL) and less-than-consolidated (LCL) shipments into full truckload (TL) and full container (CL) shipments. For finished products, we receive full loads and divide them into less-than-truckload (TCL) and less-than-consolidated (LCL) shipments to various markets.

2. Product Mixing

We can mix and match products according to customer"s needs to fulfill orders efficiently. We can also combine raw materials and semi-finished products and ship them in full truckloads from the supply warehouse to the factory, thus reducing transportation costs.

3. Service

The goods are prepared in the warehouse as required at the time of the customer"s order.

4. Contingencies

Prevent contingencies and develop emergency measures.

5. Smoothing 

Smooth the flow of operations and subsequent stages in the production process, and make scientific forecasts.

We keep a large number of conventional size pipes and fittings all year round including carbon seamless pipes size 2” -20”, welded(round&square) pipe size 1/4”-16”. We have two 5000 Square meter indoor warehouses in local and Tianjin Province which can prevent 20,000 tons of pipe from getting rusty.

Customized service

Centerway Steel Co., Ltd has an experienced team in stock management, product sourcing and quality control. They are familiar with various standards and requirements; capable of coming out a right solution and finding suitable products for your projects in terms of specifications, quality, budget, lead time and globe delivery. Let us send you a quote upon request.

We can customize products for customers according to their needs, including specifications and sizes, and provide customers with personalized product testing, logistics services, etc.

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